Pinkie Pie says it best

This whole crazy idea came about one day on a walk home from downtown Ferndale with my little family. My husband and I have always daydreamed together about owning our own business, being our own boss… But we never settled on one thing we could run with. Until that day. I was lamenting that while our awesome downtown has just about everything, it didn’t have a badass yarn shop, and what a shame that is. I would go to one everyday if we had it!

If you aren’t familiar with Ferndale (or Fabulous Ferndale as it is often referred to) it is about a 20 minute drive from the heart of Detroit. But like many metro-Detroit cities, it is its own bubble of activity. Ferndale is full of smiling neighbors, musicians, artists, young families, and hip singles. It has a homey feel while retaining a rock and roll edge that speaks to us creative types. There are cool music venues, nightclubs, and some of the most unique and awarded bars in the area. There are also a couple natural/organic food and vitamin stores, a gorgeous natural baby store that draws people from miles away for their selection of modern cloth diapers and baby carriers, a beautiful library, a comic book shop, hip salons, local restaurants, resale shops, art galleries, Nature’s Playhouse (an all natural family wellness center which hosts activities like Yoga and Play and my own crochet class), The Rust Belt Market (an Etsy style marketplace for unique locally made goods) and the list could go on and on. But no yarn shop!

So here I am, a total newbie to the business world. With a vision for a new way of doing this fiber arts thing. A desire to spread the love, share the joy, and inspire the next generation of makers. My tools are a crochet hook, yarn, and passion. And I welcome all who are willing to join me in this. What I need right now is support, and a show of hands so-to-speak of who is in. I need investors and prayers. All the good vibes and love. Because I think this place could really use some more locally grown creativity. And I want to be the cultivator.

Pinkie Pie sums up my current feelings in all of this 😉 :



Why “Unicorn Yarn Shop”?

A Unicorn is a rare, magical, and elusive creature. It represents something extraordinary. Something altogether different. It is not like every other horse. It embodies my dream for a new dynamic  fiber arts community that throws off the old constraints of tradition and snobbery commonly found in the needle arts world. It captures the essence of a young and vibrant movement to create in new and relevant ways. It is wild and free. Inspired and motivated. That is my viewpoint as a 20-something crocheter working through an ancient art form.  That explains the Unicorn part, so why “Yarn Shop”? I’m glad you asked.

I have a vision and a plan to spread this ideal by means of a real life community. As awesome as the online forum is, yarn and fiber arts are just better in person. It is impossible to feel the texture, weight, and sheen of a skein of yarn through a computer screen. Or to experience the drape and stretch of a crochet garment in a YouTube video. And while I will make every effort to bring a sense of tangibility to the blog medium, I really want to open a brick-and-mortar store where a community of artists can gather to share information and innovation. A place where I can curate my own carefully chosen fibers, yarns, and tools. And a meeting place to host workshops, classes and hook-ups.

So this is my starting point. And I’m running with the name “Unicorn Yarn Shop” because it reflects my goals and personal point of view. I hope you continue to check in on my progress and join my community, whether you are a virtual member or local supporter. Thank you for being here!