Why “Unicorn Yarn Shop”?

A Unicorn is a rare, magical, and elusive creature. It represents something extraordinary. Something altogether different. It is not like every other horse. It embodies my dream for a new dynamic  fiber arts community that throws off the old constraints of tradition and snobbery commonly found in the needle arts world. It captures the essence of a young and vibrant movement to create in new and relevant ways. It is wild and free. Inspired and motivated. That is my viewpoint as a 20-something crocheter working through an ancient art form.  That explains the Unicorn part, so why “Yarn Shop”? I’m glad you asked.

I have a vision and a plan to spread this ideal by means of a real life community. As awesome as the online forum is, yarn and fiber arts are just better in person. It is impossible to feel the texture, weight, and sheen of a skein of yarn through a computer screen. Or to experience the drape and stretch of a crochet garment in a YouTube video. And while I will make every effort to bring a sense of tangibility to the blog medium, I really want to open a brick-and-mortar store where a community of artists can gather to share information and innovation. A place where I can curate my own carefully chosen fibers, yarns, and tools. And a meeting place to host workshops, classes and hook-ups.

So this is my starting point. And I’m running with the name “Unicorn Yarn Shop” because it reflects my goals and personal point of view. I hope you continue to check in on my progress and join my community, whether you are a virtual member or local supporter. Thank you for being here!


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